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SILENO A very subtle but also very unique sounding album of lowercase styled experimental music that features a lot of sound in the sub and low range of frequencies and crawls into your mind creating interesting mind illusions blending the heard and unheard sounds. Favorite track: S.


Luís Antero & Darius Čiuta’s “Sound” is the outcome of an exploratory process that searched for a new sonic experience in digital form, created without resorting to conventional sources. It is the outcome of a dual process that expresses the metaphysical nature of sound. As such it is a piece that is two forms: a sonic and a graphic instantiation, containing the same information.


released January 1, 2019

Luís Antero is a sound artist that captures and documents the acoustic heritage in Portugal.
Darius Čiuta is a sound artist living and working in Kaunas, Lithuania.


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Crónica Oporto, Portugal

Crónica is a media-label based in Porto, Portugal, Europe.

Crónica embraces the digital domain and its explorers through high quality standards and criteria beyond a strictly commercial approach to publishing.

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